Reptilite™ – An all natural calcium substrate; ideal for true chameleons or any tortoise, snake, lizard, arachnid, or insect that comes from an arid or semi arid environment. The naturally spherical grains won’t scratch your valuable animals inside or out! This low impact substrate also contains strontium and magnesium while being free of silica and phosphates. Though not intended as a food source or supplement, it is 100% edible and easily digestible. In fact, Reptilite™ is made of aragonite, the most soluble form of calcium carbonate available. Trusted by professional reptile breeders and hobbyists alike.
Reptilite Baja Tan

Baja Tan

Item: 00712, 10 lb; 00722, 20 lb

Reptilite Natural


Item: 00710, 10 lb; 00720, 20 lb

Reptilite Rose

Desert Rose

Item: 00711, 10 lb; 00721, 20 lb

Reptilite Gold

Aztec Gold

Item: 00714, 10 lb; 00724, 20 lb

Reptilite Smokey

Smokey Sands

Item: 00713, 10 lb; 


Safe-n-Soft™ Reptile Mat

Safe –n- Soft ™ natural bark reptile mats are soft to delicate skin and safe for soft bellies. There are no loose pieces or plastic fibers to ingest. Safe –n- Soft™ mats are perfect for young reptiles and safe for feeding. Mats are made from a sustainable, natural, cork bark that is biodegradable and recyclable with no dyes or paints. Mats are washable and easily spot cleaned.

Sustainability of cork – No tree is cut down to harvest cork. This unique material comes from the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It is removed every 9-12 years after which the tree continues to grow new layers. Cork forests are some of the most sustainably harvested forests of the world.

Safe-n-Soft™ mats are available in two sizes:

10 gallon (9.75 in x 19.5 in)- Product # 00731; UPC 008479007315
20L and 29 gallon (11.75 in x 29.5 in) – Product # 00732; UPC 008479007322

Safe N Soft Pair Website

All Natural Basking Rock

These all natural reptile rocks are flat on the bottom for safety and provide the ideal area for basking.  As in nature, these rocks naturally absorb heat during the day and release it slowly at night.  The texture helps to trim nails as well as aid in shedding.  Washable and plastic free, made from all natural calcium based rock.

Basking Rock

Basking Rock

Typically measures about 8”x 10”x 2”

Product #00745