Mineral Mud™

Refugium substrate

The benefits of mud without the mess – a proven performer

Mineral Mud™ – A unique blend of sediments that duplicate tropical fringing coastal mangrove environments. Its particles are in a size range compatible with soft, burrowing infaunal, macro animal assemblages. Ideal for mud refugiums, seagrasses, macro-algaes, and mangroves, Mineral Mud™ provides a variety of trace elements plus calcium, strontium, iron, sulfur and free carbon. In addition, Mineral Mud™ contains live marine bacteria to complete the tropical ecosystem. About 82 pounds per cubic foot.

Package Sizes:
1 Gallon Jar, (#00526)

Use: Marine and Reef Aquaria

Caribsea Refugium Mineral MUD



With the highest solubility of any reactor media available (metastable at 8.2) it’s typical CO2 consumption is much lower.

381000 ppm Calcium, 590000 ppm Carbonate, 7390 ppm Strontium, 1050 ppm Magnesium, 56 ppm Potassium.
About 69 pounds per cubic foot
1 gal (00525), 50 lb (00555)


Calcium reactors have evolved into several types that require different media sizes. Because of this we now offer ARM™ Coarse for rapid upflow type reactors that have become so popular. This coarse grade of ARM™ will prevent the clogging and upkeep associated with fine media and these reactors.

416000 ppm Calcium, 577000 ppm Carbonate, 3300 ppm Strontium, 1400 ppm Magnesium, 56 ppm Potassium.
About 70 pounds per cubic foot
1 gal (00529), 50 lb (00559)


A high magnesium reactor media. ARM™ Extra Coarse is still a complete reactor media containing not only calcium and carbonate but essential trace elements as well.

416000 ppm Calcium, 577000 ppm Carbonate, 3300 ppm Strontium, 1400 ppm Magnesium, 56 ppm Potassium.
About 70 pounds per cubic foot
1 gal (00531), 50 lb (00551)

Caribsea ARM products


Cloudy water is caused by fine suspended particles. BioMagnet™ imparts a positive electrical charge and quickly seeks out and encapsulates the suspended particles, enabling the positively charged particles to be drawn to the filter. Particles caught in the filter are broken down by bacteria, and suspended bacteria are now repositioned onto strata where they are most efficient. The result? Crystal clear water, fast… and a better biological filter!

Package Sizes:
1 Gallon jug, (#01524)

Use: Freshwater, Marine and Reef Aquaria

Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier bottle



Coralline Algae Growth Supplement

Non-nutritive, no sugars, and no EDTA’s

PurpleUp™ – uses a unique dual method approach to coralline algae acceleration. This approach is so unique that PurpleUp™ has been awarded a US patent (US patent No. 7,565,883). It contains ionic calcium; which immediately raises dissolved calcium levels in your aquarium water. At the same time Super Sea Calcium™ (a 10 micron aragonite powder derived from natural seawater) targets the live rock surface. This dissolves in situ; delivering calcium, strontium, magnesium, and carbonate right where it’s needed. PurpleUp™ also replenishes iodine; an essential element for coralline algae tissues that quickly becomes depleted in closed systems. PurpleUp™ is not a fertilizer, it does not promote the growth of nuisance algae.

Package Sizes:
4 oz bottle, (#04530)
8 oz bottle, (#08530)
16 oz bottle, (#00530)

Use: Marine and Reef Aquarium

Caribsea Purple Up bottle

Betta Leaf™ and Jungle Leaf™

Indian or Tropical Almond leaves, also known as Catappa or Ketapang leaves are used by fish breeders worldwide to recreate the natural environment of tropical fish and invertebrates such as bettas, tetras, corys, angelfish, discus, freshwater shrimp and other species that come from soft-water jungle or rice paddy habitats. The natural tannins released by these unusual leaves are touted for their many health and biological benefits, and the “soft cover” created by these leaves give your tropicals shelter similar to what would be found in their native ecosystem. These leaves can also be used as a forest floor substrate for arthropods, tropical reptiles and amphibians. Betta Leaf™ and the somewhat larger Jungle Leaf™ are the perfect addition to your tropical environment.

Betta Leaf™ is available as:
3 leaf packs; UPC: 0 08479 00650 9
Jungle Leaf™ is available as:
3 leaf packs; UPC: 0 08479 00651 6

Use: Freshwater Aquaria

Caribsea Jungle Leaf and Bata Leaf