LifeRock™ Nano Tree
00313 Nano Tree

Our new LifeRock™ Nano Tree is the perfect aquascape for nano sized marine and reef aquariums.  This complete modular structure has two nano arches, one nano base, and one 7-inch Reef Rod to make creating the perfect nanoscape easy and fast.  The final sculpture is uniquely yours as there are numerous ways to set up your display, and it builds to approximately 11 x 7 x 11 inches, ideal for just about any nano tank.  This design gives even smaller aquariums a bold and dramatic look with not only plenty of open swim area but lots of real estate for coral placement as well.  Like all LifeRock™, LifeRock™ Nano Trees are infused with living, spored bacteria to make help with cycling, and as always NO CURING NEEDED!

Product #00313

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